quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011


Thou who art the common good do not be scared. Fear not! Wait before. The OLPI & I is an organization that unites the Iberian and Irish briefly join the Greek lords against the EU, IMF, and managers of incognito designs and other acronyms $ dire. Do not be shy! The sin is indifference.Given the recent attacks by the "markets", a euphemism applied to capitalist gluttons, as if markets were not ours, can not stay quiet. Fight like a starving animal! Do not be hunting.This organization fights because- The money belongs to all, has no owner, color, face;- the lines of communication are all unowned, below the medieval toll! Yet we learn in school that feudalism was abolished with the liberal revolution! Burn in all the books that say this or stick to what they say.- power is all!Privatize garbage collection, dammit. This same garbage. The rail line to nowhere!Men of little faith, OLPI & I will listen!
Ad mortem pugnaremus!

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